International Activity Report 2012


Download the report: International Activity Report 2012 (PDF)

In 2012, MSF provided humanitarian assistance in 71 countries. Close to 32,000 MSF staff worked in 372 programmes.

Some 55 per cent of activities were carried out in settings of instability. More than 66 per cent of programmes were in Africa, while 25 per cent were in Asia and the Middle East, and 6 per cent in the Americas.

MSF spent 944 million euros: 81 per cent was spent on humanitarian activities while 19 per cent was spent on management and fundraising. Almost 90 per cent of our income came from more than 4.6 million private donors.

The International Activity Report 2012 gives details on our activities in each country, provides global financial and operational information, and reflects on the major challenges we faced over the year.